GEAR -- Getting Equity Advocacy Results

> Measurement Strategies

The politics of a campaign can be unpredictable, but assessment can help advocates be as prepared as possible for what lies ahead. In addition to a framework for navigating change, GEAR includes benchmarks, guidance, and resources to help advocates measure the success of equitable change. 
  • Benchmarks can be considered the 'mile markers' in campaigns for policy change. Equity advocacy benchmarks include progress on ongoing organizing, capacity building, research, and communications across the campaign stages to Build the Base, Name and Frame Equity Solutions, Move the Equity Proposal, and Build, Advance, and Defend equity.
  • Effective strategies for measurement and analysis must match the differing demands, resources, and courses of each equity advocacy campaign. GEAR guidance outlines the important questions advocates must answer to track results. Tips on how to measure and useful resources have been assembled to support assessment efforts. 
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