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Equity campaigns are characterized by four major stages. The four stages of equity advocacy each focus on different developments in a campaign, and each produces different kinds of equity results. Campaigns may involve one or several stages, and advocates might move between them in different sequences. 


Opportunities to advance equity abound in the numerous activities associated with different advocacy efforts. Organizing, base building, and capacity-building activities expand community leadership, increase power, and build momentum to address important equity issues. Research and communications activities illustrate and disseminate important information about issues, reaching important policymakers and thought leaders.

Efforts to MOVE THE EQUITY PROPOSAL for equitable policy change include five major components: negotiations to develop the change proposal, introduction of the policy change proposal, launch of the campaign for policy change, movement and modification of the change proposal, and success, redirection or failure of the change proposal. Benchmarks for each of these areas, and guiding questions to navigate them, are available for download.

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