GEAR -- Getting Equity Advocacy Results

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Getting Equity Advocacy Results means not only working toward a major equity goal, but also successfully achieving important steps for equity along the way. 

GEAR provides advocates a way of thinking about their work, as well as a tangible and straightforward means for navigating the markedly nonlinear practice of equity advocacy. 

GEAR includes four major parts: gray gears, color gears, an interwoven chain, and benchmarks.

Organizing, capacity building, research, and communications — the gray gears — are ongoing and critical components of advocacy campaigns for equity. They promote community inclusion in determining outcomes, and drive advocates from one stage of a campaign to another.

The four stages of equity advocacy — the color gears — each focus on different advocacy activities, and produce different equity results. The major stages are to: Build the Base, Name and Frame the Equity Solutions, Move the Equity Proposal, and Build, Advance, and Defend. Campaigns may involve one or several stages, and advocates might move between them in different sequences.

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